About Us


Live Well Wake is about equal opportunity for health and well-being for all.

We want all members of our community – regardless of background, neighborhood or circumstance – to be able to not just live, but to flourish. And we want everyone to be a part of the conversation about how to make that happen.

Formed out of the Community Health Needs Assessment and Population Health Task Force initiatives, Live Well Wake is a collaborative effort that relies on our community at-large to build partnerships to meet our goal. Through focused events and initiatives, we’ll aim to educate, motivate and learn about what our community needs to ensure collective community wellness.

Live Well Wake brings together the county’s major health organizations and community members from all walks of life to address the three major priorities identified in the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment.


Everyone has the right to be healthy. Having proper access to the right healthcare for your needs is a top priority. We’re working to make that right a reality.


To be a healthy community, we must focus on the mental well-being of our residents. Ensuring that we have the resources available to support mental health, including addressing substance use issues, is of paramount importance.


When you don’t know where you will sleep or eat each night, every other decision about your life is secondary. By addressing housing affordability and offering programs to prevent homelessness, we’re aiming to make sure every resident in the county has a place to rest at night. This kind of security will help them prepare to take on more positive challenges in their own personal growth.